This site celebrates the life and work of sculptor John Cassidy (1860 - 1939).

This is our master list of all Cassidy works (whether or not still in existence) known to us: there are certainly many more to be discovered. For works with their own articles on this site, links are given.

Numbers in bold red show works which may be visited by the public.

Numbers in faint red show works known to exist in 2020, but not on public display.

The reference numbers used are based on the year the work is dated, was unveiled, first exhibited, or otherwise recorded in print.

Additions, and any further information, are always welcome.

Rosa Leo Grindon (1923.01)

The British Nun Club Heroes' Trophy (1924.02)

Reference list of all known John Cassidy works

Updated September 2020

Dates are estimated when possible in order to establish a reference number. They may be dates of unveiling, first known exhibition, or purely an approximation. Many of the works in the Catalogue of a Small Collection printed in June 1914 are not recorded elsewhere, and are listed provisionally under 1914. The codes beginning CSC refer to the entries in that catalogue. Links in the entries are to our features about the individual works, or to descriptions on the owners' websites. Catalogue and/or gallery accession numbers are given where known, as well as current location.

The list has been updated to include works listed by the Glasgow University 'Mapping of Sculpture' project, marked [MoS]. If the reference number is in bold red type, e.g. 1880.01, the work is believed to be on public view as of November 2015. Works inside buildings are subject to opening hours. Light red type, e.g. 1892.01, indicates a work known to exist in 2013 or on the later date mentioned in the entry.

Update, 2020:  The scope of the ArtUK website project to photograph all paintings in public galleries has been extended to cover sculptures, often with several views of the work.  Links to their entries are in progress of creation using the symbol .