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Volume 81 1999

81:1 3-24 Pfaff, Richard W: The Anglo-Saxon bishop and his book. (1999)

81:1 25-48 Thornton, Tim: Opposition drama and the resolution of disputes in early Tudor England: Cardinal Wolsey and the Abbot of Chester. (1999)

81:1 49-62 James, Susan E: A new source for Shakespeare’s ‘The Taming of the Shrew’. (1999)

81:1 63-72 Jump, Harriet Devine: ‘My dearest Geraldine’: Maria Jane Jewsbury’s letters. (1999)

81:1 73-84 Blamires, David: Cultural cross-currents in Gustav Nieritz’s Der Quäker’ (1849). (1999)

81:1 85-109 Lees, Colin & Robertson, Alex: Manchester University and the city: aspects of policy-making in higher education, 1900-1930. (1999)

81:1 113-126 Harryman, Kathleen: ‘By my travels’: the doctor’s speeches in some north-western pace-egging plays. (1999)

81:1 127-140 Warner, Kathryn: The provenance and early ownership of John Rylands MS English 1. (1999)

81:1 141-154 van Gelder, Lisa: ‘Allthynge hath ende’: the linking significance of doomsday within the York, Townley, N-Town and Chester mystery cycles. (1999)

81:1 155-165 Clifford, Robert: ‘A man of gret auctorite’: the search for truth in textual authority in Geoffrey Chaucer’s ‘The House of Fame’. (1999)

81:2 3-50 Elliott, J K: The Biblical manuscripts of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester. (1999)

81:2 51-165 Shiel, J B: The Papers of T.W Manson. (1999)

81:3 3-6 Adams, David J & Armstrong, Adrian: Introduction: Text and image: Studies in the French illustrated book from the Middle Ages to the present day. (1999)

81:3 7-54 Walters, Lori J: Female figures in the illustrated manuscripts of ‘Le conte du Graal and its ‘Continuations’: ladies, saints, spectators, mediators. (1999)

81:3 55-96 Stones, Alison: The Grail in Rylands MS French 1 and its sister manuscripts. (1999)

81:3 97-126 Meuwese, Martine: Three illustrated ‘Prose Lancelots’ from the same atelier. (1999)

81:3 127-152 Ainsworth, Peter: A Parisian in New York: Pierpont Morgan Library MS M.804 revisited. (1999)

81:3 153-176 Taylor, Jane H M: ‘Le Chevalier des dames du dolent fortuné’: images and text, manuscript and print. (1999)

81:3 177-204 Winn, Mary Beth: Printing and reading the Book of Hours: lessons from the borders. (1999)

81:3 205-240 Brown, Cynthia J: Textual and iconographical ambivalence in the late medieval representation of women. (1999)

81:3 241-268 Armstrong, Adrian: ‘Regardez bien tout au long les histoyres’: illustration and self-conscious writing in Jean Bouchet’s ‘Jugement poetic de l’honneur femenin’. (1999)

81:3 269-298 Saunders, Alison: Visual versus verbal: changing uses of imagery in sixteenth-century French verse. (1999)

81:3 299-320 Phillips, Henry: Sacred text and sacred image: France in the seventeenth-century. (1999)

81:3 321-360 Cronk, Nicholas & Mander, Jenny: Delilah’s progress: the illustration of ‘Manon Lescant’ in 1753 and 1928. (1999)

81:3 361-384 Adams, David J: Theme and technique in the ‘Oudry’ edition of La Fontaine’s ‘fables’. (1999)

81:3 385-416 Brown, Penny: Images of instructions and delight: illustrations in nineteenth-century French children’s literature. (1999)

81:3 417-437 Zimmerman, Kristin: Text and image in Robbe-Grillet’s ‘La Belle Captive’. (1999)

Volume 82 2000

82:1 3-28 Howe, Nicholas: An angle on this earth: sense of place in Anglo-Saxon England. (2000)

82:1 29-48 Boldrick, Stacy: An encounter between death and an abbess: the mortuary roll of Elisabeth ’sConincs, Abbess of Forest (Manchester, John Rylands Library, Latin MS 114). (2000)

82:1 49-80 Danter, Catherine: The eighteenth century rebuilding of Lyme Park, Cheshire, and the Leoni Collection at the John Rylands University Library of Manchester, Deansgate . (2000)

82:1 81-100 Lloyd, Gareth: Charles Wesley and his Biographers: an exercise in Methodist hagiography. (2000)

82:1 101-114 Chun, Dongho: collecting pieces of oneself: Sir John Leicester’s scrapbooks in the John Rylands University Library of Manchester. (2000)

82:1 115-134 Larsen, Timothy: Joseph Barker and popular biblical criticism in the nineteenth century. (2000)

82:1 135-192 Spates, James L: John Ruskin’s dark star: new lights on his life based on the unpublished biographical materials and research of Helen Gill Viljoen. (2000)

82:1 193-216 Rogerson, Ian: Alfred Nutt: a fine Victorian publisher. (2000)

82:1 217-224 Scragg, Brenda J: Mrs Rylands and the Spencer Library. (2000)

82:1 225-250 Lees, Colin & Robertson, Alex: Characteristics of professional life in the first of the civic universities, 1851-1918. (2000)

82:2-3 3-80 McNiven, Peter: The John Rylands Library, 1972-2000. (2000)

82:2-3 81-84 Dr Frank Taylor, 1910-2000: two obituaries. (2000)

82:2-3 85-254 McNiven, Peter: An illustrated catalogue of 'A Scholars' Paradise: a Centenary Exhibition of Notable Books and Manuscripts', 30 May to 3 November 2000 at the John Rylands Library. (2000)

Volume 83 2001

83:1 3-20 Falcetta, Alessandro: A testimony collection in Manchester: Papyrus Rylands Greek 460. (2001)

83:1 21-40 Wright, N T: A fresh perspective on Paul?. (2001)

83:1 41-88 Gretsch, Mechthild: Winchester vocabulary and standard Old English: the vernacular in late Anglo-Saxon England. (2001)

83:1 89-102 Melia, Richard: 'Non-controversial Lollardy'?: the Lollard attribution of the 'Diuers treateses of Joh Wiclife in English' (John Rylands Library, English MS 85). (2001)

83:1 103-120 Adams, David: Jean-babtiste de Secondat's mariginalia in Boulainvilliers's 'Etat de la France'. (2001)

83:1 121-168 Nockles, Peter B: A disputed legacy: Anglican historiographies of the Reformation from the era of Caroline divines to that of the Oxford Movement. (2001)

83:1 169-182 Hale, William: Robert Shackleton and the Shackleton collection. (2001)

83:2 3-4 Walter de la Mare - List of Illustrations. (2001)

83:2 5-8 Rogerson, Ian: Walter de la Mare - Preface. (2001)

83:2 9-12 de la Mare, Giles: Walter de la Mare - Introduction:. (2001)

83:2 13-44 Rogerson, Ian: Deceptive Cadences: the Art of Walter de la Mare: Catalogue of an Exhibition Held at the John Rylands Library, Manchester   (2001)

83:2 45-108 Rogerson, Ian: A contribution to a checklist on Walter de la Mare. (2001)

83:2 109-131 Rogerson, Ian: Walter de la Mare and the art of the anthology. (2001)

83:2 133-149 Rogerson, Ian: Walter de la Mare and his illustrators. (2001)

83:3 4-7 Clarke, Peter D: Preface: Owens's Historical Essays in honour of Professor Jeffrey H Denton. (2001)

83:3 9-26 Dobson, Barrie: Jeffrey Howard Denton: a personal appreciation. (2001)

83:3 27-50 Taylor, Beryl R: Continuity and change: Anglo-Saxon and Norman methods of tithe-payment before and after the Conquest. (2001)

83:3 51-70 Cook, B J: Crimes against the currency in twelfth and thirteenth century England. (2001)

83:3 71-94 Wei, Ian P: Intellectuals and money: Parisian disputations about annuities in the thirteenth century. (2001)

83:3 95-114 Saunders, P C: Royal ecclesiastical patronage from Winchelsey to Stratford. (2001)

83:3 115-128 Clarke, Peter D: Two constitutions of Boniface VIII: an insight into the sources of the Liber Sextus. (2001)

83:3 129-146 Gemmill, Elizabeth: The king's companions: the evidence of royal charter witness lists from the reign of Edward I. (2001)

83:3 147-166 Bateson, Mark: The struggle over Canterbury sede vacante jurisdiction in the late thirteenth century . (2001)

83:3 167-245 Scales, Len E: Monarchy and German identity in the later Middle Ages. (2001)

83:3 201-220 Daw, Benjamin M: English knighthood in decline: the last years of the Hundred Years War, 1435-53. (2001)

83:3 221-245 Smith, Bill: Theory and practice in royal finance: England 1449-50. (2001)

Volume 84 2002

84:1-2 1-562 Robertson, Alex B. & Lees, Colin: The University of Manchester, 1918-50: New Approaches and Changing Perspectives (Published 2011). [This is a 562-page monograph, but each chapter has to be purchased separately.]

84:3 5-8 Schmidt, Ricarda: Introduction: Heroes and Villains: a multi-cultural perspective. Proceedings of a symposium in honour of professor David Blamires Department of German Studies, University of Manchester, 11 September 2001. (2002)

84:3 9-24 Weinberg, Carole: The giant of Mont-Saint-Michel: an Arthurian villain. (2002)

84:3 25-48 Flood, John: Neglected heroines? Women poets laureate in the Holy Roman Empire. (2002)

84:3 49-66 Schmidt, Ricarda: Heroes and villains in E.T.A Hoffmann's 'Ritter Gluck'. (2002)

84:3 67-84 Bell, David: Goethe's 'Siebenschlafer' and the heroes of the 'West-ostlicher Divan'. (2002)

84:3 85-104 Purver, Judith: Napoleon: hero or villain? Multiple reflections of a singular life. (2002)

84:3 105-124 Vilain, Robert: Bringing the villains to book: Balzac and Hoffmann as antecedents of the modern detective story. (2002)

84:3 125-140 Skrine, Peter: Heroes or villains? British travellers' impressions of Germany in the early Victorian period. (2002)

84:3 141-160 Brown, Penny: New heroes (and villains) for old? Conflicts in nineteenth-century French children's literature . (2002)

84:3 161-170 Paulin, Roger: Heroes and villains: the case of Arthur Mee's 'Children's Encylopaedia'. (2002)

84:3 171-188 Warnecke, Sylvia: 'Reynard the Fox' for children in the GDR: the story of a tamed villain's adventures?. (2002)

84:3 189-196 David Blamires's 'curriculum vitae' and list of publications (2002)

Volume 85 2003

85:1 3-12 Parker, David C: Greek Gospel manuscripts in Bucharest and Sofia. (2003)

85:1 13-22 Sanchez-Marti, Jordi: The scribe as entrepreneur in Chetham's Library MS 8009 (2003)

85:1 23-36 Hilton, G M: The chronicle of John Strecche and its place in Medieval historical records of England and Kenilworth Priory. (2003)

85:1 37-64 James, Susan E: 'Against them all for to fight': Friar John Pickering and the Pilgrimage of Grace. (2003)

85:1 65-94 Schwarz, Suzanne: 'Apostolick Warefare': the Reverend Melvill Horne and the development of missions in the late nineteenth and early nineteenth centuries. (2003)

85:1 95-114 Baker, Peter S: Toller at school: Joseph Bosworth, T Northcote Toller and the progress of Old English lexicography in nineteenth centuries. (2003)

85:1 115-120 Davies, Catherine: Stephen Cattley Tennant, 1800-48. (2003)

85:1 121-126 Ruiz, Raul: Mrs Rylands' Cuban origins. (2003)

85:1 127-146 Riley, David: The Manchester Science Lectures for the People, c 1866-79. (2003)

85:1 147-167 Hughes, Michael: Methodism, peace and war, 1932-45. (2003)

85:2-3 7-8 Gregory, Jeremy: John Wesley: Tercentenary essays: Preface

85:2-3 9-16 Gregory, Jeremy: John Wesley: Tercentenary essays: Proceedings of a conference held at the University of Manchester, June 2003: Preliminaries. (2003)

85:2-3 17-30 Gregory, Jeremy: John Wesley: Tercentenary essays: Proceedings of a conference held at the University of Manchester, June 2003: Introduction. (2003)

85:2-3 31-56 Hempton, David: Wesley and the Development of Methodism: John Wesley and the rise of Methodism . (2003)

85:2-3 57-72 Jacob, W M: Wesley and the Development of Methodism: John Wesley and the Church of England, 1736-40. (2003)

85:2-3 73-98 Jones, David Ceri: Wesley and the Development of Methodism: ‘The Lord did give me a particular honour to make [me] a peacemaker’: Howel Harris, John Wesley and Methodist infighting, 1739-50. (2003)

85:2-3 99-110 Lenton, John: Wesley and the Development of Methodism: John Wesley and the travelling preachers. (2003)

85:2-3 111-122 Rodell, Jonathan: Wesley and the Development of Methodism: ‘The best house by far in the town’: John Wesley’s personal circuit. (2003)

85:2-3 123-136 Aston, Nigel: Wesley and the Development of Methodism: John Wesley and the social elite of Georgian Britain. (2003)

85:2-3 137-156 Wallace, Charles: Wesley and the Development of Methodism: Eating and drinking with John Wesley: the logic of his practice. (2003)

85:2-3 157-176 Mack, Phyllis: Wesley and the Development of Methodism: Does gender matter? Suffering and salvation in eighteenth century Methodism. (2003)

85:2-3 177-194 Lawrence, Anna: Wesley and the Development of Methodism: ‘I thought I felt a sinful desire’: the question of celibacy for eighteenth-century Methodists.. (2003)

85:2-3 195-208 Lynch, Elizabeth Kurtz: Wesley and Print Culture: John Wesley’s editorial hand in Susanna Annesley Wesley’s 1732 ‘Education’ letter. (2003)

85:2-3 209-226 Rivers, Isabel: Wesley and Print Culture: John Wesley and religious biography. (2003)

85:2-3 227-250 Burton, Vicki Tolar: Wesley and Print Culture: ‘Something for the people to read’: John Wesley’s book inventory (1791). (2003)

85:2-3 251-268 Deconinck-Brossard, Françoise & van Noppen, Jean-Pierre: Wesley and Print Culture: The specificities of John Wesley’s language. (2003)

85:2-3 269-284 Carey, Brycchan: Wesley and Print Culture: John Wesley’s ‘Thoughts upon slavery’ and the language of the heart. (2003)

85:2-3 285-296 McInelly, Brett C: Wesley and Print Culture: Redeeming religion: Wesleyan and Calvinistic Methodism in ‘Humphrey Clinker’. (2003)

85:2-3 297-308 Vogt, Peter: Wesley and Theology: ‘No inherent perfection in this life’: Count Zimzendorf’s theological opposition to John Wesley’s concept of sanctification. (2003)

85:2-3 309-330 Collins, Kenneth J: Wesley and Theology: Rethinking the systematic nature of John Wesley’s theology . (2003)

85:2-3 331-346 Mealey, Mark T: Wesley and Theology: Tilting at windmills: John Wesley’s reading of John Locke’s epistemology. (2003)

85:2-3 347-358 Smith, J Warren: Wesley and Theology: John Wesley’s growth in grace and Gregory of Nyssa’s epectasy: a conversation in dynamic perfection. (2003)

85:2-3 359-372 Noble, Thomas A: Wesley and Theology: East and West in the theology of John Wesley. (2003)

85:2-3 373-387 Webster, Robert: Wesley and Theology: ‘Those distracting terrors of the enemy’: John Wesley’s rhetoric of evil. (2003)

85:2-3 387-404 Wood, Laurence W: Wesley and Theology: John Fletcher’s influence on John Wesley’s theology. (2003)

85:2-3 405-420 Campbell, Ted A: Wesley and Theology: John Wesley and the legacy of the Methodist theology. (2003)

85:2-3 421-431 John Wesley: Tercentenary essays: Proceedings of a confrerence held at the University of Manchester, June 2003: Index (2003)

Volume 86 2004

86(1A) i Baker, Fran: Acknowledgements: Elizabeth Gaskell's 'The Ghost in the Garden Room'. (2004)

86(1A) iii-iv Baker, Fran: Preface: Elizabeth Gaskell's 'The Ghost in the Garden Room'. (2004)

86(1A) v-vi Baker, Fran: Preface: Elizabeth Gaskell's 'The Ghost in the Garden Room'. (2004)

86(1A) vii-cxxiv Baker, Fran: Introduction: Elizabeth Gaskell's 'The Ghost in the Garden Room'. (2004)

86(1B) 1-36 Gaskell, Elizabeth: 'The Ghost in the Garden Room'. (2004)

86(1B) 37-39 Baker, Fran: Explanatory Notes: Elizabeth Gaskell's 'The Ghost in the Garden Room'. (2004)

86(1B) 41-72 Baker, Fran: Editorial Appendix: Elizabeth Gaskell's 'The Ghost in the Garden Room'. (2004)

86(1B) 73-84 Baker, Fran: Introduction: Elizabeth Gaskell's 'The Ghost in the Garden Room'. (2004)

86:2 5-10 Powell, Kathryn & Scragg, Donald: Studies in Anglo-Saxon England edition - Preliminaries. (2004)

86:2 11-38 Bernau, Anke: The translation of purity in the old English 'Lives' of St Eugenia and St Euphrosyne. (2004)

86:2 39-54 Franc, Catherine: The cult of Saint Thecla in Anglo-Saxon England: the problem of Aldhelm's sources. (2004)

86:2 55-68 Powell, Kathryn: Laying down the law: first person narration and moral judgement in the Old English 'Letter of Alexander to Aristotle'. (2004)

86:2 69-86 Kilburn-Small, Jasmine: The figure of the Ethiopian in Old English texts. (2004)

86:2 87-104 Stodnick, Jacqueline: What (and where) is 'Anglo-Saxon Chronicle' about?: spatial history. (2004)

86:2 105-126 Barrar, Kathleen: A spacious, green and hospitable land: paradise in Old English poetry. (2004)

86:2 127-178 Teresi, Loredana: The Old English term 'heoru' reconsidered. (2004)

86:2 179-202 Corrigan, Linda: Tree-name compounds in early place-names of the south Cumbria area. (2004)

86:2 203-221 Lee, Christina: Grave matters: Anglo-Saxon textiles and their cultural significance. (2004)

86:3 5-8 Larsen, Timothy: Introduction: Biblical scholarship in the twentieth century: the Rylands chair of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis at the University of Manchester, 1904-2004. (2004)

86:3 9-22 Rogerson, J W: The Manchester Faculty of Theology 1904: beginnings and background. (2004)

86:3 23-54 Larsen, Timothy: A.S Peake, the Free Churches and modern biblical criticism. (2004)

86:3 55-76 Dunn, James D G: C.H Dodd and New Testament studies. (2004)

86:3 77-98 Hooker, Morna D: T.W Manson and the twentieth-century search for Jesus. (2004)

86:3 99-124 Oakes, Peter: F.F Bruce and the development of evangelical biblical scholarship. (2004)

86:3 125-140 Evans, Craig: Barnabas Lindars and the Semitic context of Scripture. (2004)

86:3 141-174 Cotter, Wendy: Christopher Tucket and the question of Q. (2004)

86:3 175-196 Schuller, Eileen: George G Brooke and the Dead Sea Scrolls. (2004)

Volume 87 2005

87:1 5-6 Pickstone, John V & Butler, Stella V: Introduction: Medical History in Manchester: Health and healing in an industrial city, 1750-2005. Introduction (2005)

87:1 7-12 Pickstone, John V & Butler, Stella V: Introduction: Medical History in Manchester: Health and healing in an industrial city, 1750-2005. Preliminaries (2005)

87:1 13-42 Pickstone, John V: Medicine in Manchester 1831-32. (2005)

87:1 43-56 Kidd, Alan & Wyke, Terry: The cholera epidemic in Manchester 1831-32. (2005)

87:1 57-88 Webb, Katherine: 'The most stupid place under the sun': medical practice and professional aspirations in the industrial town, 1820-60. (2005)

87:1 89-110 Pemberton, Neil & Worboys, Michael: 'The Chief Constable of Clitheroe v M Pasteur': mad dogs and Lancastrians c.1890. (2005)

87:1 111-132 Heggie, Vanessa: Jewish medical charity in Manchester: reforming alien bodies. (2005)

87:1 133-154 Butler, Stella V F: Academic medicine in Manchester: the careers of Geoffrey Jefferson, Harry Platt and John Stopford, 1914-39. (2005)

87:1 155-166 Anderson, Julie: Innovation and locality: hip replacement in Manchester and the North West of England . (2005)

87:1 167-192 Valier, Helen K: The Manchester Royal Infirmary, 1945-97: a microcosm of the National Health Service. (2005)

87:1 193-208 Peters, James & Gow, Elizabeth: The Medical Archive Collections of the John Rylands University Library. (2005)

87:1 209-304 Mohr, Peter & Jackson, Bill: The University of Manchester medical School Museum: collection of old instruments or historical archive?. (2005)

87:2 5-6 Art, city, spectacle: the 1857 Manchester art-treasures exhibition revisited (2005) - Contributors

87:2 7-20 Leahy, Helen Rees: Art, city, spectacle: the 1857 Manchester Art-Treasures exhibition revisited - Introduction. (2005)

87:2 21-36 Waterfield, Giles: A culture of exhibitions: the Manchester Art-Treasures Exhibition in context. (2005)

87:2 37-52 Whitfield, Victoria: 'The illustrious or infamous dead': the Portrait Gallery of the Manchester Art-Treasures Exhibition. (2005)

87:2 53-62 Croal, Melva: 'The spirit, the flesh and the milliner': hanging the Ancient Masters at the Manchester Art-Treasures Exhibition. (2005)

87:2 63-92 Pergam, Elizabeth A: From Manchester to Manhattan: the transatlantic art trade after 1857. (2005)

87:2 93-102 Loukes, Andrew: 'The most esteemed work of deceased artists': historic British art at Old Trafford. (2005)

87:2 103-122 Bronkhurst, Judith: The contemporary British paintings at the Manchester Art-Treasures Exhibition. (2005)

87:2 123-142 Layton-Jones, Katy: Re-presenting Manchester: printed and ephemeral images of the Art-Traesures Exhibition. (2005)

87:2 143-150 Shrigley, Ruth: Re-membering things past: 1857, 1957, 2007… (2005)

Volume 88 2006

88:1 3-40 Paget, J Carleton: Albert Schweitzer’s second edition of ‘The quest of the historical Jesus’. (2006)

88:1 41-76 Choat, Malcolm: The public and private worlds of Theophanes of Hermopolis Magna. (2006)

88:1 77-100 Szarmach, Paul E: Anglo-Saxon texts in search of the beginning. (2006)

88:1 101-122 Treharne, Elaine: The politics of early English. (2006)

88:1 123-151 Gemmill, Elizabeth: The earls and their clergy in the reign of Edward I. (2006)

88:1 153-164 Shelston, Alan & Chapple, John: Unpublished Gaskell correspondence. (2006)

88:1 165-190 Dade-Robertson, Christine: Edward Augustus Freeman and the Foreign office debate. (2006)

88:1 191-206 Çiğdem, Recep: A military coup backed by the scholars: the deposition of Sultan Abdulhamid II. (2006)

88:1 207-215 Bogdanow, Fanni: Anne Frank and the Holocaust. (2006)

88:2 5-10 Contributors & Abbreviations: Introduction: Charles Wesley after 300 years. (2006)

88:2 11-18 Field, Clive D & Webster, Robert J: Introduction: Charles Wesley after 300 years. (2006)

88:2 19-38 Newport, Kenneth G C: Recovering Charles Wesley’s voice: opportunities, obstacles and achievements. (2006)

88:2 39-58 Heitzenrater, Richard P: Charting the early Methodist pilgrimage: the journal letters of Charles Wesley. (2006)

88:2 59-80 Rack, Henry D: Charles Wesley and the supernatural. (2006)

88:2 81-100 Cruickshank, Joanna: Were early Methodists masochists? Suffering, submission and sanctification in the hymns of Charles Wesley. (2006)

88:2 101-120 Westerfield Tucker, Karen B: Polemic against stillness in the ‘Hymns on the Lords Supper’. (2006)

88:2 121-132 Lloyd, Gareth: Charles Wesley manuscripts: a guide to provenance and location. (2006)

88:2 133-178 Maddox, Randy L: Collection of books owned by the Charles Wesley family in the John Rylands University Library. (2006)

88:2 179-214 Field, Clive D: Charles Wesley bibliography, 1985-2009. (2006)

Volume 89 2012/13

89:1 has issue title 'Architecture and Environment: Manchester in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries'. Items from this issue are free to download.

89:1 5-6 Contributors

89:1 7-18 Hebbert, Michael: Introduction [by the guest editor] (2012)

89:1 19-82 Hodgson, John: 'Carven stone and blazoned pane': The Design and Construction of the John Rylands Library (2012)

89:1 83-104 Barter, Marion and Hartwell, Clare: The Architecture and Architects of the Lancashire Independent College, Manchester (2012)

89:1 105-126 Connelly, Angela: 'A pool of Bethesda': Manchester's First Wesleyan Methodist Central Hall (2012)

89:1 127-160 Morris, David: 'Here by experiment': Edgar Wood in Middleton (2012)

89:1 161-178 Jolley, Victoria: An Unsuspected Skyline Rival: Lee House, Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester (1928-31) (2012)

89:1 179-206 Cunliffe, Steve and Wyke, Terry: Memorializing its Hero: Liberal Manchester's Statue of Oliver Cromwell (2012)

89:1 207-246 Hulme, Charles: John Cassidy, Manchester Sculptor and his Patrons: Their Contribution to Manchester Life and Landscape (2012)

89:1 247-276 Perkins, Chris and Dodge, Martin: Mapping the Imagined Future: The Roles of Visual Representation in the 1945 City of Manchester Plan (2012)

89:1 277-291 Crompton, Andrew: Manchester Black and Blue (2012)

89:2 5-13 Blamires, David: Grimms’ Fairy Tales in English: A Forgotten Edition (2013)

89:2 15–32 Burton, Lewis: The Methodist Diaconate: Profiling a Distinctive Order of Ministry (2013)

89:2 33–50 Dutton, David ‘They were the best of friends; they were the worst of friends’: A Tale of Two MPs (2013)

89:2 51–67 Fellows-Jensen, Gillian The Danes and the Danish Language in England: An Anthroponymical Point of View (2013)

89:2 69–105 Field, Clive D. The Allan Library: A Victorian Methodist Odyssey (2013)

89:2 107–130 Haralambakis, Maria:  A Survey of the Gaster Collection at the John Rylands Library, Manchester (2013)

89:2 131-153 Liuzza, R M:The Sense of Time in Anglo-Saxon England (2013)

89:2 155–176 Powell, Martyn J:  Reassessing Townshend’s Irish Viceroyalty, 1767–72: The Caldwell-Shelburne Correspondence in the John Rylands Library, Manchester (2013)

89:2 177–202 Rogerson, Ian:  A Breath of Freedom: The Open-Air Anthologies of E.V. Lucas and Francis Meynell (2013)

89:2 203-225 Whelan, Timothy:   Baptist Autographs in the John Rylands Library, Manchester, 1741–1907 (2013)

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